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To move a whole backpackers to a new location is a magnificent task - especially when operating under severe time restrictions, as we are. In the next 5 months we need to get as much of the new backpackers built as we possibly can. The old backpackers has to be demolished by the end of August. In order to keep business going, we need to have a good amount of accommodation available at the new place by the end of July. The first buildings to go up will be the rondavels, since they are quickest and easiest to build. And of course the big main house with lounge, kitchen, reception etc etc. For anyone keen to get his/her hands dirty, drop us a line and come visit! We offer free accommodation in exchange for manual labour, and loads and loads of fun and interesting times. However we are still picky about who we tolerate around us so do give us a shout before you are rocking up on our doorstep with a shovel in hand.

Apart from manual labour we need, of course, finances. The extreme time restriction of having to create a functioning backpackers within 5 months - from scratch!! - puts us into a financial predicament. We were planning on rebuilding the new backpackers slowly, over the course of maybe 2 years, take our time and finance it out of the income of the old backpackers. Now this won't be possible. If you would like to contribute - or fundraise - to rebuild Wild Lubanzi Backpackers, please get in touch with Rahel: rahel @
Wild Lubanzi is a registered Pty and the community of Lubanzi is a 30% shareholder, plus individual people from Lubanzi hold another total of 22% of the shares. The survival of the Backpackers is important to this Community. Not only does it it bring income and provide jobs, but it is also the forerunner of a whole host of opportunities. The Backpackers is the first business in Lubanzi, with hopefully many more to follow. We are not talking tourism businesses, we are talking local economic development: a wood workshop, organic gardens with a greenhouse to produce and sell food, a school, a birth centre, a bakery, a solar power plant, and so on and so forth. The options and possibilities are endless. The Community of Lubanzi is keen on sustainable development but need the knowledge and skills to bring it about - this remote area will have to wait easily another 20 years before it sees infrastructural support and services so its up to the community to initiate projects. The Backpackers is an educational object for the young people of Lubanzi - to show them what can be done, what can be achieved, without harm to the environment, and without having to move off to distant cities and uncertain futures in search of a better tomorrow. The future is here, the future is now - and you can help to make it happen.

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Lubanzi Community

Meet the people behind the scene - our friends, neighbours, employees, affiliates - and find out how they live, what they do, and why.

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The 1km Coastal Conservation Area

In 1992, a 1km wide coastal corridor was declared an environmental sentive area and a proteced zone..

This means that development of any kind is heavily restricted within that corridor and subject to specific environmental laws.

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The Building Plan

In the spirit of recycling we will try to re-use pretty much all the material from the old backpackers.

Anything that's wood can easily be reused in the new buildings, and even the rubble from stone walls can serve a purpose.

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Want to help?

Moving a whole backpackers to a new location is a huge task. We will need all the help we can get!

You can get involved in different ways - either by lending a helping hand or by fundraising for the new backpackers.

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