Lubanzi Community

The community of Lubanzi is part of several little settlements that constitute the Administrative Area 1 of Mncwasa. (Mncwasa is the name of the river that marks one of Lubanzis boundaries.) The community is located below Zithulele Hospital in the 1km CCA.

Lubanzi is a small community of about 350 people, a close-knit group that looks after each other and looks out for each others interest, to the common good of all. Most of the vilage consist of mud huts with thatched roofs, though almost every homestead also has at least one "modern" square house. More and more modern buildings are being erected every year though. Each homestead has one or several kraals, where they keep their animals at night. The people own cattle, goats, sheep, pigs and chickens, and almost every family has a field for planting maize, or a little vegetable patch. Cooking is traditionally done outside on the fire in a big potije pot, and the wood for the fire is gathered by the women of the village and stored in big piles next to their houses. In the last few years, the community got together to build a preschool for their children. Other than that - and Wild Lubanzi Backpackers - there are only residential houses in Lubanzi.

view of Lubanzi Village

mule in front of a mud hut traditional chicken coop built with stickshouses in Lubanzi with view towards the beach

residential houses in Lubanzi village

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Lubanzi Community

Meet the people behind the scene - our friends, neighbours, employees, affiliates - and find out how they live, what they do, and why.

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The 1km Coastal Conservation Area

In 1992, a 1km wide coastal corridor was declared an environmental sentive area and a proteced zone..

This means that development of any kind is heavily restricted within that corridor and subject to specific environmental laws.

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The Building Plan

In the spirit of recycling we will try to re-use pretty much all the material from the old backpackers.

Anything that's wood can easily be reused in the new buildings, and even the rubble from stone walls can serve a purpose.

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Want to help?

Moving a whole backpackers to a new location is a huge task. We will need all the help we can get!

You can get involved in different ways - either by lending a helping hand or by fundraising for the new backpackers.

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