THE Plan!

When we first started with the concept of building a backpackers in 2010 we had already decided that if we ever had to break down the original buildings we would do it oursleves and recycle and salvage as much as possible.
While renovating the origal building to create Wild Lubanzi we did so in a way that we could deconstruct what we had done. We also make lists (in our minds) of what we could re-use and recycle when the time came.
So with that in mind here is THE Plan! We are aiming at recycling and reusing 95% of the original building! Why not 100% you may ask, well there might be things like fiberglass, asbestos sheets and other things that were put on site by the original buildiers. We do not want those on the new site so we will dispose of them responsibly.

We will be recycling all the wood from the original site to the new site. We have not yet identified anything that cannot be used. There are roofs to be built, walls, counters etc, down to the smallest peices that will become hen nesting boxes or bee hives!
All the new double ensuite rooms and the two dorms will have LIVING ROOFS! So to support that weight we will need lots of flexible material and wood works out best.

(No YOU rock!) We will be using all the old rock that has cement attached to it for foundations or to construct the little bridge that crosses the stream at the new backpackers. This is the easiest part to deconstruct and the easiest to reuse.
The rock on the old site that was brought in to hold up garden beds will be moved to the new site for the same purpose. All original rock on the site will be left on the old site to form part of the landscape.
About 30 tons of rock was given to the community by the construction team laying the water pipes, this will be used to build the retaining walls of the new backpackers.

Concrete blocks and rubble
We will try and salvage as many concret blocks as possible. During the deconstruction the rubble will be used in the foundations of the new place and mixed with cement to form the new road on site. We will be recycling 100% of the rubble into the new site..
We have been discussing using rubble from the demolished cottages at the beach and will update you once a decision has been made.

Roofing Materials
All roofing materials from the old building will be reused in the new staff houses or be properly disposed of if found to be unsuitable.

Water Tanks and Pipes
We will be leaving one 2500 litre tank on the old site to store water for watering the trees while the rehabilitation process is underway..
All other tanks will be used to store water at the new site or will form part of the water recycling system.
Some of the piping will remain for watering the trees but most will be moved to the new site to make up the new water system.

Bolts, Screws and Nails
We will be reusing most of the fasterners we take from the old site. .



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The 1km Coastal Conservation Area

In 1992, a 1km wide coastal corridor was declared an environmental sentive area and a proteced zone..

This means that development of any kind is heavily restricted within that corridor and subject to specific environmental laws.

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The Building Plan

In the spirit of recycling we will try to re-use pretty much all the material from the old backpackers.

Anything that's wood can easily be reused in the new buildings, and even the rubble from stone walls can serve a purpose.

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Want to help?

Moving a whole backpackers to a new location is a huge task. We will need all the help we can get!

You can get involved in different ways - either by lending a helping hand or by fundraising for the new backpackers.

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